Modern riding therapy embraces a holistic approach to riding, taking from riding what we need - recreation, sport, rehabilitation, physical and psychological therapy. Riding provides a gentle, rhythmical, symmetrical exercise in a healthy atmosphere. It is challenging and above all, enjoyable.

For someone physically impaired either at birth or as a result of an accident, muscle groups cease to function normally. The regular, rhythmical movement of the horse enables the rider to work all the muscles, and in particular those muscles that provide balance for sitting and walking.

The riders, mostly children, attend these courses usually once a week during the school term.

The Intensive Programme

The Intensive Therapy programme offers clients physiotherapy with a difference, working one-on-one with a qualified physiotherapist, occupational or conductive therapist. The rider participates in a 30-minute session that focuses on physical, cognitive, psychological, behavioural or perceptual areas - (Ambury Park Centre has an affiliation with NZRDA ). 

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The Remedial Programme

The Remedial Therapy programme is intended for those with more moderate physical or intellectual disabilities. The one-hour session is led by a qualified therapist or coach, and involves up to four riders at a time. Areas of focus include communication, language development, social interaction, body movement, co-ordination, improved balance, self-awareness and self-confidence.

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