Ambury Park's horses are an essential part of our riding therapy programmes. Every child who attends the Centre, either as a part-time rider or as a full-time student in our school, is assigned a horse. The horse/child interaction is both physical and psychological. The way the child bonds with his or her horse is the cornerstone of our successful programmes.

We generally have between 25 and 30 horses at any one time. Click here to meet our horses.

It is expensive to keep horses and because they work hard, we must ensure they are well looked after. We supplement their grass with hay and other hard feed, and they receive regular professional care from vets, dentists, chiropractors and farriers.

People wishing to support our work at Ambury Park Centre, often do so by sponsoring a horse: paying for the upkeep of one particular animal. In return for a donation of $2500 for this support, sponsors:

  • Have their name printed on our sponsor board in the main arena.
  • Receive a commemorative photograph.
  • Receive a regular newsletter.
  • Are invited to the end-of-year prize giving.

Contact us about sponsoring a horse, or make an online donation.

Some of the horses have been with us a long time, others are relatively new. We have both mares and geldings, and a variety of different breeds. Each horse has a distinct personality and, depending on a number of factors, is used for therapy rides, or by our full-time students, or both of these.



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