The Horses are part of the Ambury "family" and are used by our full-time and part-time students for therapy rides. Care of the horses is the joint responsibility of our staff and students. Here are some of them.


Dawn  Rain  Max Bilby _web Chocolate _web Cindy 

Dawn – 14.2hh grey Connemara mare. She was especially bred for therapeutic riding and was born in 1989. Dawn has been at the Centre for most of her life and is ridden by the part time therapy riders. She has amazing stamina and patience with her riders.


Rain – is a 15hh solid station bred black gelding born in 1999. We are told he was called Rain as he was born in the rain! He is very cheeky and tries to use his strength to get his own way. His main idiosyncrasy is if he is hot and sweaty he will roll in the sand even if you are still in the saddle! 

Max – is a 16.2hh station bred bay gelding born in 1999. He has been involved in all Pony Club activities and is very steady and reliable. His kind and gentle nature belie his overall size. He is our largest horse needing a 5’9” cover! 

Bilby (Mr Baggins) – 14.1hh Dark bay gelding, born 1997. Bilby spent many years as an excellent competition pony including being placed at Horse of the Year. Unfortunately he had to retire early due to injury but this is not detrimental to his work at APC. He is a very kind pony who is well trained and steady so is very good for beginners learning to be independent. 

Chocolate -  15.2hh brown ¼ horse gelding, born 2003. Chocolate began his career ridden by a pick-up rider at the rodeos. He then went on to a trekking life and has seen more of NZ than many of us! He took part in the Great NZ Horse Trek a number of times. He loves attention and is the most settled when working.


Cindy – is a 15.2hh stationbred grey mare born in 2001. Cindy has been leased to the centre as she has sustained some quite severe leg injuries which prevent her from being able to participate in competitions and endurance rides. She is a forward, willing and sensible horse. 


Holly  Jet Mindy Tussock Amara Cobber 

Holly – 14hh grey Connemara mare. She was especially bred for therapeutic riding and was born in 1997. Holly has been at the Centre for most of her life and is ridden by the part time therapy riders. She is very lovable and curious and thinks games are more for her than for the children.


Jet – is a 16hh station bred dark brown gelding born in 1999. He has competed in all Pony Club activities yet is very steady for the beginner and therapy riders. He enjoys a canter and jump and teaches the students that you will only get as much as you ask for! 


Mindy – 14.3hh bay Clydesdale cross mare. Born in 1984 and at the Centre since 1998. Mindy is ridden by the part time therapy riders. She is a character who forgets how old she is.


Tussock – 14.1hh dun. horse cross mare. Born in 2001 and at the Centre since 2009. Tussock is ridden by the full time students and is in training to be ridden by the part-time therapy riders. She loves the outdoors and farm animals. 


Amara – 15.2hh bay crossbred mare. Born in 2001 and at the Centre since 2009. Amara is in training for both the full time students and part time therapy riders. She loves having her neck rubbed and enjoys cantering.


Cobber – is 14.2hh station bred chestnut gelding, born in 2005. He has been well trained for competitions and loves jumping. He is ridden by the full time students as he is rather cheeky and if you are not paying attention he will wake you up with a buck! 


Eve Wolf Mir  Shamrock  Boaz   Arlie

Eve – 16.3hh bay Clydesdale x mare. Born in 1999 and at the Centre since 2004. Eve is ridden by the full time students. She is young in heart and mature in body.


Wolf – 15.1hh appaloosa x gelding. Born in 1992 and at the Centre since 2003. Wolf is ridden by the full time students. Our spotty horse, he is a rock, a great confidence builder for beginners.


Mir – 15.2hh brown crossbred mare. Born in 1995 and at the centre since 2001. Mir is ridden by the full-time students. She loves to jump, is very pretty and reads personalities well. 


Shamrock – is a 14.2hh Connemara coloured gelding born in 1995. He has been donated to the Centre having been a reliable family pony. He is extremely steady and used for therapy riders and the beginner full time students. Nothing fazes Shamrock, he is the closest you could get to a horse being 100% ‘bomb proof’. He keeps his riders and leaders on their toes as he has a very good internal watch and goes to the door when he thinks it is time for the ride to finish! 

Boaz – 15 hh bay Clydesdale station bred cross gelding. Born in 1998 and came to the Centre in 2010. With heaps of character, he is still learning his new job, he will be a very interactive therapy horse. 


Arlie 15hh chestnut crossbred gelding. Born in 1995 and at the Centre since 2007. Arlie is ridden by the full time students. He needs lots of work and loves to rest his head on your shoulder. 


Draughtie  Frostie Honey       

Draughtie – 16.1hh bay Clydesdale x mare. Bornin 1994 and at the Centresince 2001. Draughtie is ridden by the full timestudents. She loves to jump and has a graceful presence.


Frosty – is a 12.2hh Cremello gelding born in 1997. He has been a wonderful first childs riding pony taking part in all Pony Club activities. He does not believe he is a small pony and soon puts all the larger horses in their place! Frosty will be a great asset for the many small children attending the weekly therapy programme.  


Honey – 13hh dun crossbred mare. Born in 1991 and at the Centre since 2003. Honey is ridden by the part time therapyriders. She is a lot of fun. A character with a mind of her own. 






















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