Ambury Park Centre was established in 1983 as a riding centre for people with disabilities. Since that time the Centre has developed a range of services including a school for students aged 13 upwards and a full-time vocational training programme for adults 18 and over.

These programmes include physiological and psychological therapies and educational, work training and social development programmes.

The Centre is a registered charity and is managed by a board. Staff members include the director/principal, a senior equine therapist, a riding instructor, a stable manager and stable assistant, two teachers, teacher aides, an occupational therapist, remedial therapy coaches, a vocational course supervisor and an office manager. A team of volunteers assists the full-time staff. 

The Centre’s work could not be done without its herd of horses. 

Our People


Mary Brook is the daughter of the late Maurice Paykel, the previous Patron of the Centre, who was instrumental in its establishment. 

Members of the Board

Gaynor Brown - President A member since 1994.  Gaynor is former Deputy Director of Southern Cross Campus Senior School in Mangere and has been involved in education for many years. She is currently teaching at the Child and Family Unit for Northern Health School. 

Ian John - Vice President A member since 1998, Ian is an independent film and video producer/director and has directed numerous documentaries, corporate and commercial productions.

Claire Lingman - Treasurer A member since 1988 and Treasurer since 1996, Claire is a former President and Vice President who is well qualified to handle the Centre’s financial affairs.

Caroline Grove - Secretary A member since 1994 and Secretary since Oct 1994, Caroline is a long-term volunteer who devotes one day a week to helping at the centre.

Noel Morrison—Director/Principal. First in this role 2004 – 2007, he returned in 2011.  He has had a long career in teaching that included positions as Deputy Principal and Principal. He also has experience in business.  

Steve Whelan - Auckland Council representative as Senior Ranger, Partnerships, Southern Regional Parks.

Janet Hepi - A member since 1992. Janet has been very supportive of the Centre.

Deanne Maule - A member since 2004. She is a Chartered accountant with previous voluntary work experience for St. John and South Auckland Income Planning Services.

Vicky Latta - Became a member in 2011. She is a qualified lawyer and Olympic silver medalist with the NZ three-day event team in Barcelona.

Doug Alexander - Became a member in 2013. He has qualifications in Accounting and much experience in planning and property development.   

Christine O’Brien  -  Became a member later in 2014. Christine is  on the Mangere/Otahuhu Local Board and represents Auckland Council on the Ambury Park Centre Board.


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